LIC. Walter Gómez Rodríguez

Experienced attorney in the fields of Trusts, Credit and Collections, and Commercial and Corporate matters.

Lic. Raúl A. Camacho Alfaro

Extensive track-record in litigation in civil, agricultural, and commercial affairs.

Lic. María del Pilar Mora Navarro

Extensive experience in Notarial Law, especially banking formalization, as well as Family Law, Legal Debt Collection and advice on dismissal processes.

Lic. Luis Fernando Bolaños Vargas

Background in administrative law in consulting and litigation, specifically in administrative procurement.

Lic. Marvin José Villagra López

Specialized in the Notary field.

Lic. Yendri María González Céspedes

Background in credit and collections, as well as corporate and real estate law, specifically in residential condominiums.

Lic. Ruddy Antonio Saborío Sánchez

Practice based on litigation, labor and customs consulting, and collections.

Lic. Kerry Ramirez Salas

Specialized in litigation in criminal matters.

Natalia María Quirós Mora

Expertise in corporate and contract law, as well as intellectual property issues.


Lic. Danilo Ugalde Vargas

Experienced in labor and corporate law consulting.

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